Coming to Lille 3 : step by step

  • You must be officially selected by your home university
  • If you have been selected by your home university, you will need to fill out the Lille 3 application form
  • The application form must be signed and stamped by your coordinator or by the International Relations office of your home university and must be sent by e-mail to the International Relations office at Lille 3 by 15th May 2014 for the winter semester or the whole year and by 15th October 2014 for the summer semester:

  • Université Lille 3
    Domaine du Pont de Bois
    Service Relations Internationales
    Bureau des étudiants arrivants en programmes d'échanges
    Bâtiment A – Bureau A3.060
    59653 Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex

  • A letter of acceptance will be sent by e-mail to all successful candidates as well as by courrier to non-European students. Regarding non-European citizens (except Swittzerland, Norway, Island and, Liechtenstein) a visa will be needed before your arrival in France (except for stays shorter than 3 months) which you will obtain at the French Consulate in your country. Non-European candidates will be asked the letter of acceptance at the French consulate in order to get their visa.
  • You can email your administrative questions to this address:
  • For questions concerning your classes or your learning agreement please refer to the different educational departments at Lille 3.
  • You might want to consult the courses programs to find each formation details

General informations

  • Please refer to the online welcoming guide. The guide is full of useful tips about Lille 3 University, your stay and the daily life in France and in Lille.
  • An email with the time schedule of the welcoming week will be sent to the candidates.


Housing options

  • The International Relations office offers a limited number of university housing placements (80 rooms). Attention, the Housing option is a service offered by the International Office to the students, ON NO ACCOUNT a student's right. Because of the large number of students, we cannot provide housing for everyone, the International Office cannot be responsible for the non placement of a student nor can it guarantee the housing choices will be respected. For all housing requests, please fill out the part 5 of the Student application form and make sure that you send it back on time : by 15th May 2012 for the winter semester or the full year, and by 15th October 2012 for the summer semester.
  • Housing will be provided for the duration of one semester or one academic year. Housing placements will be sent by e-mail. This placement is done with care of equality and equity.
  • Student must confirm the housing placement by e-mail before 1st september. This confirmation officially binds the student to the residence. Cancellation fees can be applied. If you do not confirm 1st september you will lose your housing placement and the room will be attributed to another student on the waiting list.

Private housing

  • Specific information about finding private housing will be available in the student guide (private accommodation: list of private residences, website with announcements, practical advices). When you arrive (in September and January), the International Relations office can help you to find housing (telephone, contact with agencies, practical advice, etc…).

French courses for foreigners

  • Lille 3 University and the Department of French for Foreign Students (DEFI) offer a French course for exhange students. Students with a good level of French are not given priority for the course as the number of places available is extremely limited. Students willing to take this course must submit their request in the Student Application Form. A test of placement is mandatory in order to verify the level of competence of the students and to integrate the appropriate level of French. The testing dates for the french course will be comunicated as soon as possible. Students who do not take this test will not be accepted to the course. The course can only be followed during one semester.
  • A good level of French is required : at Lille 3 all courses are taught in French and most of the exams are written exams, therefore, you need to have a good level of French (level B2). Students are strongly encouraged to take French language courses before arriving in Lille. Here is a list of places that  organise French classes and exams.

When you arrive, you will have to come to the International Relations department of Lille 3 : office of incoming students (A3.060) building A, level: forum + 1.

We advise you to reach Lille 3 on week days during office hours : Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM to 12.30 AM and from 2 PM to 5 PM (office closed on Wednesday and Friday afternoon).

Enrolment at Lille 3 University

On the day of your arrival in Lille you will need to have the following documents:

  • The original or a copy of your student ID card from your home university specifying that you are registered for the current semester. 
  • The original and one copy of your Erasmus contract issued by your university
  • One passport photo
  • The original and one copy of your Identity Card or Passport
  • If your are not European, provide the original and one copy of your "D" visa
  • The original and one copy of your European social security card or an attestation from your private insurance company indicating that you are insured during your stay in France

Health insurance

The non-European students under 28 years old must take the health insurance during their enrolment at Lille 3.


Student card

The incoming students office will give you an enrolment form that you will have to fill out before receiving your Lille 3 University student card.


For non-European students

Attention, the following part concerns only the non-European students (except Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein who do not require a visa).

Getting a residence permit : "titre de séjour"

Depending on the length of your stay, the French Embassy will deliver a short stay or long stay visa to you. You will get the visa by showing a "lettre d'invitation" (non-financial letter from sponsor). The "carte de séjour" is mandatory in order to register at the university and to move in the Schengen area. Please consult the list of documents to provide to obtain the "carte de séjour". A D visa is mandatory to obtain the "carte de séjour", Indeed, if you do not have this visa, you would have to go back to your home country to ask for it at the French Embassy.

You will be given a "Demande d'Attestation OFII" with your visa, which you will have to send in the three months following your arrival in France. Then, you will be convened to register. For more details, feel free to visit the OFII website.

Course selction and Learning agreement

  • The learning agreement is an essential document for the validation of your academc year abroad. So students must make sure they are in order.
  • Students participating in the exchange programme must bring a completed learning agreement, signed by the departmental coordinator of his/her university
  • Students must choose their subjects in accordance with their learning agreement, filled out before their arrival. They also have to make sure that they will get enough ECTS credits. iI changes need to be done on the learning agreement, students will have to send them back to their universities for their coordinators to allow changes. Attention, to be valid, the learning agreement must also be signed by the curriculum coordinators of Lille 3 University


  • The registration for examinations will be effective three weeks after the students arrival. Students will have to provide the incoming students office with a precise list of the subjects they wish to take. No changes will be accepted after this deadline

Before you leave Lille, stop by the International Relations office in order to:

  • Verify yours and your home university's contact information
  • Update  on the classes you took and the grades you received
  • Fill out the "end of stay" form and hand it in to the International Relations office in order to receive your Erasmus grant
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